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Author Topic: Adding RM Bridge codes to HA-Bridge  (Read 129 times)


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Adding RM Bridge codes to HA-Bridge
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:27:10 am »

Once you have the codes learned or imported to the RM Bridge open the manage codes shortcuts from the RM Bridge web interface
type in the address of the RM Bridge if not already displayed and click Load Codes
Find the code shortcut (URL) you for the device you wish to control with the HA-Bridge  and copy it.( if you haven't tested it yet do that first)
now open the HA-Bridge web UI
1: Click on Add/EDIT
2: Type in the name for the device in the name field
3: Scroll down to Device Type (informational) and select custom
4: Scroll down to On items under type select HTTP device
5: To the right under Target item paste the URL sort cut you copied from the RM Bridge web interface.
6: to the far under manage right click add
7: Scroll down to Off items and do the same, if the off Url is different then the on make sure you copy & past that URL shortcut under target item
8: With the off item added scroll back the the top of the page and click Add Bridge Device

If you wish Alexa control be sure to have Alexa discover devices  ;>
Note: you'll need to have the RM Bridge running 24/7 an Old phone (on a charger or an android TV box works great for this.

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