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Alex10  (Build ) is now  available for download ~:0~

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Author Topic: What do I need to use Alex10  (Read 42 times)


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What do I need to use Alex10
« on: June 29, 2017, 01:01:14 pm »

1:Alex10 is a Windows program you'll need a Windows PC.
Since older versions of Windows are no longer supported by Microsoft I built it for windows 10 However I know it runs on Windows 7 and greater.
2:Your going to need the latest Java build as Alex10 is a front end for the HA-Bridge which uses it.( the Ha-Bridge is included in the Alexa installer)
3: You'll need a x10 interface  cm15, cm11, cm19, I've been unable to test a cm17 as my pc has no serial port like most newer PCs
4: You'll need the AHP SDK installed or ActiveHome Pro.
5: An Amazon Alexa device
6: A connection to your router this doesn't need to be Wi-Fi
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