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Author Topic: Help Me! Time for PCC to move in another direction?  (Read 214 times)


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Help Me! Time for PCC to move in another direction?
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:43:46 am »

I've been busy with Alex10 so PCC has suffered as a result.
I may have even lost some users due to me failing to keep on top of issues.
What I'm interested in here from users is:
What direction would you like PCC to go?
What if anything would you like to see dropped? Certainly support for devices no longer available should be considered.
What if any thing would you like added?

I have ideas I want to see and be kept!
Alexa support this is a must for me.
VR to work along with Alexa(it does now but needs some improvement)
The Face sets to remain
The user designable macros, usercommands and expansion of them.
Phone Caller ID brought back and options it allowed.

As for the UI, I'm not sure on this.
The floor plan is nice but I use my PC for other things so it is only used for status, not control here.
The Main UI also nice but I rarely use it same for the camera page.

I really do need some help deciding where to go with PCC! ??? ::) :`)
Without input PCC may fade away like many other HA software has.

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