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Author Topic: The VCR Commander Plug-in  (Read 1032 times)


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The VCR Commander Plug-in
« on: March 09, 2011, 10:05:30 am »

This is one plug-in I figured would have been a hit!
However as my wife always points out , I'm not always right!  (RoFL)
This plug-in turns a VCR Commander into a IR Commander.
All though it will work with one of those if you have one of those too.
This app took several years to put together and replaces the old X10 Commander software.
It actualy works better then the old Commander software!
As you can stack commands.
However it is almost as much of a pain to setup.
The main draw back for this is X10 hasn't updated the IR code base since it discontinued the IR commander. >:(
So if you have newer devices which most of us do, it may not work! (cB)
Most of the long standing entertainment devices still use the same code though. `:)

X10 has recently added the options to use a IR commander.
However they failed to add support so a VCR commander could utilize these commands. ::) :`)
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