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For those wishing to download the face sets for use with PcCompanion, the AlertDialer versions or other programs here are a few:

"The Operator Face set " "The Mouth only Face set" "The George face set"

"The Croc Dundee Face set" "The Maid face set"

"The Julia 1 Face set" "The Julia 2 Face set""The max Face set"

"The BaldDude face set" "The Blondie face set"

The "OperatorII" HD set is included in the current PcCompanion release

Nicole is only available in the plug-in pack

These are available only from the forum:

Neo Jerri

These are some created by other users:

Hawk1s Full Screen Face set
Note: Companion auto sizes this to fit program paramiters. I'm sure BVC and other programs will as well
Looking for the K.I.T.T. face set here's the link

Unzip them to the face folder of the program you wish to use them in then start the program !